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Hey! So nice to see a new post from you! And what a delicious list!


Hey sis....good to see you back. Great list. I hope that if I get to come home for the week of moms bday that I get some of those good summertime things....bbeans especially!! I love you and I hope to see you and Liam soon.

Lisa V

Good list.


Great to see a post from you!
What's the Liam and TL Book Club with prizes??? Sounds like fun.
Happy Summer.


Mmmm...fresh seafood. A sincere benefit of coastal living.

And hey! You owe me some info...something about a big surprise?!?


I have been waiting since Liam's birthday to hear from you again- what a wonderful surprise and what a southern summertime list! So glad you are back. Hope things are going well and you are feeling stronger every day. You and Liam have been in my thoughts and prayers.


It has been 6 months!! I am so glad to hear from you. Hope that you and Liam are doing well - it sounds as if you may be.


Great list...but I always add "fresh homegrown tomatoes".

It's not summer until I can have a REAL bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich. Those cardboard "tomatoes" they sell in grocery stores can't compete with the real thing.


Beth here. . .

I am smiling to see your post!

Love that list -- we went to our farmer's market yesterday and I went a little crazy when I saw fresh shelled speckled butter beans and various kinds of peas. Bought too much, and ate two different kinds for supper last night along with a baked sweet potato.


How do you cook butter beans?

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Anyway, we had a really fantastic holiday. I love to staying with them. There are so much laugh and happiness

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Too bad there's no Summer here in Indonesia..lol

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