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Happy Birthday, sweet Liam. That mother of yours is one lucky lady to have you around. I hope this year of being nine brings with it the granting of all the wishes a boy could wish.


What Jennifer said! Happy Birthday, Liam.

(He is soooooo cute!)

Major Bedhead

Happy birthday, Liam!! I dig the crown.


Happy birthday to Liam! You two are lucky to have one another. Life isn't so bad if such a great kid and such a wonderful mother can end up together.


You BOTH look beautiful and glowing! Happy birthday to Liam, and every good wish to you in
2008! Thanks for sharing your story of hope on my blog.


Happy Birthday, Liam! I love the crown, too....


Hi TL, it's me, Catt from BW. Thanks for the link! Liam brings tears to my eyes in that pictures, he's so sweet-little-boy, and you look wonderful.

Happy birthday, cutie-boy!


9 years ago today, I mean, a couple of days ago. Way to go TL and Liam..

Lisa V

Happy Birthday!! You are both beautiful!


He is such a handsome boy, I know you are so proud of him. 9 years old, a big boy now. You look so good. How wonderful to have a picture of you two. I wish I had been here sooner!


He is beautiful, just like his mama. Happy Birthday, Liam!

catherine ryan

How beautiful, both of you. Happy birthday to Liam.


Hey, you.


He makes me smile and warms my heart. You look good. I love the photo and the hat suits Liam.


Hey, hey, you.

It's time for your monthly posting, you know. Just sayin'.


Thanks for visiting & your comment. What a marvelous photograph of you and Liam. I'm glad to reconnect with you, too. Didn't realize how much I missed my blog-world friends.

catherine ryan

It was nice to see your comment on Beth's blog. You're still in my Google Reader. I hope everything is going well for you and Liam! I think of you and send positive energy your way. :-)


Hi, honey.


He'll grow into a handsome, young man. God bless you.


I know you and through your Aunt Tracy, I'll be getting to know your mother. Terrilynn, I'm Maggie from down the road in Wilmington, NC. As I read your blogs, I know you better. You are a wonderful writer. Your have a beautiful son, Liam.

More later when I get to meet you both.

Maggie Scarborough

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