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You can be whiny all you want to. After all, it's hard work growing a new liver!

I am *so glad* to see you back here. And I went to the beach and thought of you this summer, if that helps any...


Glad you're back. Whine all you want. I can't type on a laptop either. Enjoy your nap. Keep working on that liver!!

Lisa V

Yay! I was whiny when I was growing a kid, an organ seems to be a way more justifiable whine.

It sounds like you need this time, we are here when you are up to it.


Glad you're back! I join the general chorus: Whine at Will. And yes, growing a liver (not to mention moving and mothering) sounds like plenty of excuse for blog silence.


What's new with me? My blogging buddy Terrilynn is back online! YAYAYAYAYAY!



You have no idea how much you've made my day. You - even whining - are vastly better than emptiness.


Sleep - knits up the ravelled sleeve of care and all that, SO great that your back missed you a lot. Winge and whine all you want.


I'm with Jennifer! I like hearing from you, even if you are whining. You have a good reason to. We've had a lot of angst and scary stuff going on here. You don't need ot worry about it.

major bedhead

I think if anyone's entitled to whine a bit, it's you. So glad to see you back again.


I keep on checking and it is always a delight to see a new post from you. New liver? That is crazy. One day, when you feel like it, I'd love to hear how that is done. I'm thinking the sleep is a big part of it though... so sweet dreams.


Hey Girl! I am just happy to hear something from you. I've been coming over checking.... It is an amazing thing how you can think of, worry over or wonder about a person you have never ever met before.

I suddenly have a new appreciation for my liver and wished I hadn't abused it with alchohol and ibprofin all these years. It makes you think.


Hang in there! Sleep all you can and whine all you want. It was great to see some words form you again!


How wonderful to hear from you again! You just keep growing that new liver, and whine and sleep as much as you need. I so understand #12. It takes much longer than you'd imagine, doesn't it?


You moved? Still near the ocean? I had to get a mouse for my laptop because I couldn't navigate the touch thing for highlighting and copying.

It's so good to hear from you. And good work on growing that new liver.

We all need to whine to discharge fear and pain, but don't forget to smile, even if you don't mean it, your body will start producing good chemicals as if you did. It doesn't know the difference. (I read about this many years ago and try to keep it in mind). Also when I'm feeling my worst, I catch myself and contradict the program by saying "thank you for this healing." I don't do it as much as I should but when I remember.


So, how are you?

You know. Today.



It's been quite a while. I hope you are doing okay.


Hope all's well with you and your new liver. Thinking of you.


I am thankful for my very dear friend TL and her healing ways.

Love you, babe.


Happy Thanksgiving.


Terrilynn, I have had you on my mind for 3-4 days now; wondering how you are, so I was really glad to see your name in my comments. I hope you are doing well and getting better everyday. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lisa V

Happy Thanksgiving Terrilyn. Hope you are both doing well.


Terrilynn, Thanks so much for the visit today. I hope that you are doing well and you and your family will have a good Christmas and a better than ever New Year.

Your mom was meant to reconnect with that friend - and look how it benefitted everyone! That's wonderful.

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