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Remember those old signs: "Watch this space"? Me and alot of other folks have been watching this space -- and now that I just read your post, I am smiling (and I haven't even had coffee yet).

Wonderful to see this post, and I hope your move goes smoothly and you & Liam like your new home.

Long Day With Short People

Just read your comment about Prince of Tides over at Friday Night Fish Fry and had to stop by and comment. I used to read it every year too! Wow, you are really amazing; I did some snooping around your sites and you are some kind of woman (with great taste in music too).


I'll second the "some kind of woman" comment, and raise "you gotta two rocking chairs on that new front porch?"



Can you show photos of the new place when you get moved in? I hope you have all the help you need - don't force the incisions!!


Moving day?!!! Just the thought sends terror across my brow! ~ jb///


Wow, moving is hard enough without doing it while recuperating from major surgery. I'm impressed that you're tackling it at all. But you're right, it will be sweet when you're in a brand new place. There is a particular kind of soap that I buy only because it was in my house when I first moved here, and the smell of it brings back that feeling of happiness and excitement of those first days.


I hope you have enough help. You certainly are a tough one. Is Liam excited about the move? You guys have lots of down time just enjoying that front porch!

I see Amy from short people came over. Amy is cool. And her comments were right about this place and you!


The TL moving crew would like to report mission accomplished! and what a great new home - sweet porch, a bathtub big enough to swim in, and a dog for Liam. As soon as she's feeling 100% we demand a porch party!

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