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Here's what I'm listening to:
Run, Run, Run - Phoenix
Scar - Missy Higgins
She Is - The Fray
New Day - Kate Havnevik
Loose Ends - Imogen Heap
Better - Regina Spektor
My Life Changed - William Fitzsimmons
Fill Me Up - Shawn Colvin
One Pill - Nya Jade
Half Life - Athlete
I also have Amy Winehouse in my pod but it didn't come up on the list :)


Have you heard of Paolo Nuttini? He's great, you might like him. I like him and I like much of the same music that you like. I'm also kind of into The Low Millions lately, as well as The Decemberists. Death Cab For Cutie is another favourite.


I am loving Amy Winehouse. I love the rehab song.


I guess it's just bird chirp, I'm still ashamed to say. I think I'll go to dance free this friday and get infused with music. I never know what the DJ plays but my body likes it. Hope you're doing well!

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