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Heh. I love Calvin & Hobbes.

Sorry I don't have any suggestions on the bee fear. Hopefully he'll get over it soon - has he had this a long time?


Go to the doc and get an epi-pen, and tell him that if he gets stung by a bee, you will have to "shoot" him with it. He will be both consoled and horrified by it!

Sea & Sky

You know what, I can perfectly relate to what Liam is going through. As a kid, I was morbidly afraid of bees, though I'd never been stung by one... much to the displeasure of my mom and dad who tried everything to convince me that bees weren't really that scary. And guess what, I still am scared of the bees... though sometimes I think it'd be better if I got stung once, and then I'll know it isn't all that bad. So, good luck... though it may not help much if you take my case as an example :)

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