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I hope your energy level is picking up some. The weather is wonderful now, but I hear it may cool down again. Please, God, not too cool.....


We love you too, sweets.

I'd love it if we could get together when I go down to Lake Waccamaw, maybe the second week of June? It's a very relaxing place...only 30 some miles from Wilmington...I'll be back in touch.

Sea & Sky

yes, glorious weather it certainly is. happy spring-ing!


I can't imagine my life without my friends. I can't imagine what it would have been like without the best friends I've had. I guess nothing at all would be that same, and it would have been dull.

I'm looking forward to some best friend time this week....married life does limit our time together.


I'm so much more myself when I'm barefoot! Keep soaking up those negative ions at the beach!


This friend loves you too, and is very grateful to know that you're weathering this past week's chemo better that the one before. (I think it has something to do with good company and brownies!)

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