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Use Molly Maid. YOu may not use them again, but for a one time thing, enjoy it.. It will make you feel better..

Have a nice day..good list


I took tap-dancing during a bad time a couple years ago, and it was awesome. So noisy! I highly recommend. But don't practice on cement floors or your knees will hate you.

Karate sounds good, too. The Y probably has other stuff for kids, if that doesn't work out. Exercise is hard to get into, and I wish I'd been pushed into it more as a kid.

I hate fundraisers.


Ohh, I want belly dancing classes, lol. Tap is fun, too, love it.


Tap dancing will help you lose weight. It is something I have thought of taking up again. The last time I tapped, I was 9 years old...LOL


We no longer have the energy needed to take care of an active toddler and clean our home - we enlist outside, professional help. Keeps us organized and sane.

We bought a large package of Magic Erasers from Cosco - couldn't live without them.

I've taken belly-dancing classes - with girlfriends - very fun way to let off some steam. Anything that takes you outside of yourself for any length of time is a good activity.

Enjoyed your post. Mine is up too. I'm all about the writing life at http://www.chicken-scratch.ca


Thank you so much for stopping by! I was/am a Pediatric Hem/Onc nurse for the last 4 almost 5 years. I did it fulltime for 2 years and for the last 2 almost 3 years have "hopped" to 8 different units in our Children's Hospital. I recently have had an opportunity to work with women undergoing breast reconstruction surgeries. THAT really hit home and I was in awe of these women going through everything they had and will. My masseuse also has cancer and keeps going strong everyday. Those who have had their lives turned upside down by these diseases and keep their heads up day to day and don't forget to celebrate everyday (in some little way..could just be to keep smiling) are my HEROES!


i'm totally planning to take tap classes next quarter at my college. i've been waiting for years for my schedule to be free enough, and it finally is. also, i have become addicted to krispy kremes, darn them and their deliciousness combined with the ease of drive-thru ordering.

thanks for dropping by my TT! :)

Queen of Wands

Sounds like a good idea to use the Molly Maid certificate. I've been curious about the magic erasers. Gonna have to check them out! Karate is really great; my little boy takes it. :-) Nice to meet you!


That's what I'm talkig about. Number 13 and the angst in it. I see myself.

I want one of those magic erasers. Do you think it will work for misspelling and typos?

House Cleaning

My goodness. I could never get up at 6 AM every single day. Kudos to you! Sounds like you need a break. Get someone to do your house cleaning for a week or something!

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