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Amen to that, sister friend. I love the tone of this post: all planning and purging and spring cleaning-ish.

Spring FORWARD indeed.


I can't wait until the weather gets better. It hasn't really been a bad winter, it's just been long and cold and hard to get out of the house with two babies in tow. I'm hoping the spring allows me to take them for walks without it turning into a production of the Itchy And Scratchy show.


This post sounds as if I could have written it. I go through the same things with my Liam. I had to force him to learn to ride a bike. He doesn't like sports, though we tried soccer for several years. He wants those wheelie shoes, but he's not allowed to wear them to school. He spends way too much time on computer and video games. I've started making him set the timer for one hour. Then he has to do something else, like read, practice the piano, get on the treadmill, before he can get back on the computer. It's a struggle, but I agree with you that he's better when he isn't on 'the screen' all the time.


Awww...your little Liam is an introvert and that is mostly a good thing as long as you know how to nurture such a creature. Mostly as long as you foster a good sense of self-worth and teach them how to develop healthy relationships with others, the rest will fall in place. Other than that, I wouldn't sweat the small stuff.


#4 is the absolute worst!!

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