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Well, I for one am shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you. We have similar tastest in books. Can you IMAGINE?

I've fallen behind in my Alex Delaware reading and just picked 'The Murder Book' off of my shelves last night. Started it once a couple of years ago and just couldn't do it. Last night, I made it to Chapter 15 before I crashed.

I've got a couple of books that will be PERFECT for you. Right now. But you'll only get the titles from me in person. In fact, you might even get the books from me face to face.


TL, I loved The Glass Castle, but you're right, not exactly light and frothy. Well worth finishing at some point, however. I passed it around my office and everyone liked it.


1. Restaurant place mats in Cedar Key. 2. Tourist Guides. 3. Interperative Trail Signs. 4. Maps.


I swear I don't know any of these other than the first one that we've already discussed.

I am trying to get into The Thirteenth Tale. It is so interesting if only I could set aside some read time. It is a rainy day here and a great afternoon for reading but I felt the need to visit blog friends instead. Blogging has cut into my reading time!


Jennifer sent me. I hope you are not toooo grumpy today, although it is certainly understandable!


jennifer sent me too, to say welcome home or good luck or hi or something like that. I love the Julia Spencer-Fleming books. I am eagerly waiting for this one to come out in paperback as i am too cheap to buy it in hardback.


Yeah, late again with the comments.

You seem to be a more prolific reader of fiction that I am these days, so I'm happy to get these recommendations. I read just non-fiction for my classes so long that I am greedily devouring fiction again, particularly Diana Gabaldon and Anne Tyler. I need light and airy right now. Mysteries work for me, too, so I'm going to jot these down and take the list to the used book store and library the next times I go. I used to be a J. Kellerman fan too - I stopped reading him for the same reason - depressing. Dixie Cash sounds good just for the titles I saw on Amazon.

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