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Au contraire! I think "Having an open container of Trader Joe's dark-chocolate-covered cherries on my desk..." sounds like THE single smartest thing you have done today!
Hope tomorrow's looking up!


perhaps you are experiencing "bitching day" - it generally occurs about a week after a holiday (last week's Imbolc) and is a kind of spiritual hangover. Chocolate is good, as is ass sitting and mystery reading and ignoring the ignorant (yes S we mean you...). Love ya -


I'll be glad to take that chocolate off your hands....LOL

I was hoping that K&W link would have coupons, but nooooooooo!


Wow. The only time I've been at Target at 6am is the day after Thanksgiving.... ONCE. I'll never do that again.
I've been there at closing time a lot, though.
I enjoyed catching up on your week.


I agree with Kim. And beyond that, I'm jealous as hell that you have a Trader Joe's and ours is still a years old rumor.

Bitchfest weeks are healthy, my friend. Have at it and enjoy the living hell out of it while it lasts. It beats a couple of nights in jail. Although I'd totally post bail.




Sorry, I think I lost consciousness for a minute.


I've been trying to go down and catch up. Sounds like you and Liam are doing well. I love the K&W line! I'll be one of those early birdies in not too long. I was surprised to see you reading Oxford American in the posts below. I had never even heard of it until I got with Martin. But after several spurts of them starting and stopping the magazine no matter how much money he's paid he is forbidden to re-subscribe. I do like the cds they send in occasionally!

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