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I’ve been enjoying reading about your journey. It helps put life into perspective. It is so hard to deal with life in general, and then heaping cancer on top of it, and mingling that with motherhood and fear and everything else. You have very eloquently written about your journey thus far.

sea & sky

i don't know you at all, but i can tell that you are a wonderful mother. take care.


You are such a good mother and if Liam is caring of your feelings and protective, then you are doing a heck of a good job in raising him. When this is all over, and you are healthy again, it will pay off in spades!


That's beautiful... again. I love your ending line.
I also crave my alone time and truly enjoy it. Sometimes I even hide in the bathroom, but someone finds me!
I hope Liam had a great weekend and was spoiled rotten by his grandparents.


You, Delane and Jackson, all the enemy. I'm a Jeff Gordon girl...and no I am not ashamed of it! I also like Jimmie Johnson. I enjoy Tony though. Racing wouldn't be the same without his mean bully attitude. And I do think he and Jeff are by far the most skilled.

PS- happy to see Tony lost some weight. I thought I was going to get to pick on Delane about him not being able to squeeze out his little window to climb the fence!


It sounds like my kind of fun! I'm so glad you got some time alone. I call it puttering. I just love to putter from thing to thing as I please. I hope you can get regular times like this cause it's so good to get caught up with yourself!

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