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Beth is one of my favourite songs ever. That's an impressive playlist - I wish work would let me listen to the radio on the internet. Sigh. No hope of my system at home every being able to cope with it!

P.S. I can't remember if I've ever posted a comment here before or not. I've been reading/lurking for a while - linked here from ...slowly she turned.


got the Delfonics on now - just for you.
Check out http://www.pandora.com/ - pretty cool.


I'm with you. I just stop short of Styx! I've heard enough of that.


Those are great songs! I keep forgetting about Internet radio. In so many ways I am still such a goober when it comes to computers.

Paul is a Hermit

Say, Jennifer said you're supposed to be a real grump-a** and to come say hello.
Well, hello and you don't seem like that at all. Excuse me.
Wait'll I speak to her! I think she may be jealous of the ease with which you do your Thursday Thirteen :)


Terrilynn, I had Sirius radio for a while in my car and I loved it (it was free). I haven't renewed, but I would love it again.

I just read a good book, in case you're looking for one: Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult.

Hope you feel better soon (Jennifer said you might need some cheering up)!


Wow! We like the same music, that's for sure!!! Philly? And Motown? Hell yeah! Shoot...Jennifer sent me here to say 'hi' and cheer you up, but instead, I got happy! (Hope you did too!!!)

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