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I use similiar tactics. Add leafing through catalouges to my list. It's easy to do when you work at home and no one is looking over your shoulder.

Have fun with the sleepover!


oh my goodness...i'm doing the same things! so many of 'em.
btw - i bought my ipod on ebay. i got a great deal and it works really well!


All good ways to procrastinate. :)


All sound good to me. That ipod is awesome. I should also be working, but am 13'ing instead.

Green Eyed Girl

Great List! I do most of these too! Especially blog-hopping!


Okay, if you can knock two of these suckers out, my excuse pile for why I can't get ONE posted is starting to look a little lame.


Oh my goodness... I try to think of ways to avoid work most all the time too..

Thanks for stopping by and Happy TT!



That's a pretty good list; mine is almost as long and I can avoid work with the best of 'em! You: you're entitled!


Lol...@ finding an IPOD on ebay. I tried, kept getting out bid to the point it was cheaper to just go to the store. lol...but it is fun ebaying.

Happy TT!!


I don't know how you can do two. I barely manage one.
Happy TT'ing

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