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If I didn't hide the chocolate, there wouldn't have been any left to give you. ;-)

Marie Freeman

On your list of 13, three items stuck out:
1) I just finished reading that 'Real Simiple" issue list of things that can be done in 15 minutes. Writing a letter was on the list and I wondered and contemplated blogdom and commenting.
2) I love dragonflies. So colorful and whimsical...
3) One of my friends undergoing chemo has a tiara (does that make her fashionable now) and she allowed me to take her photo.

Eat some dark chocolate for me, please....


I really love the idea of the tiara. I think you are starting a new hospital trend.
I am praying for you and wishing you all the luck in the world.


The tiara is a great idea....I love dragonflys. I have them throughout the house but I had no idea about their legacy. That was nice to see.
You're in my thoughts, my heart, and my prayers. You and Liam. What a great Chemo bag....you seem to have good friends!


I want a tiarra too. It will go well with my ruby red slippers ... when I get them!

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