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I don’t even know what to say, but I can say that I am thankful that you are sharing this with the world through your blog. I know how important my children are to me, and how there are times when I only want to hold them close so I never lose what we have now. Keep making today the important thing, one moment, one day at a time.


I just love you. With my whole entire heart.


You're teaching us all a lot here, TL. Beautiful photo - thank you for sharing it.


Yay! We get to see pictures of you, too!

(Beautiful post, as always...)


Oh, Terrilynn. Your courage amazes me and your willingness to share your fears, hopes and tears with all of us makes me feel pretty humble and completely in awe. Thank you.


I am praying everyday for you, Terrilynn, and I will include Liam in those prayers too. The advice you got about photos and using your blog as a journal for him is very good advice. If you have access to tape (audio/video or both) make tapes for him to see/hear if something happens to you. If I were a child again, and this was a possibility, what I'd want most would be photos, writings and video or voice tapes of my mom, to help keep the memories alive. He is young and he would need that.

You are a very strong person; it comes across in your writing. But even strong people experience fear and trepidation, and it is okay to let him see some of that, in fact, you have given him an invaluable lesson on how to live life when you are an adult. I hope and pray that you and Liam will be together for many, many years. But if that is not to be, leave him with a legacy he can point to with love and pride. You can do it.


Your fierce love for Liam will likely be your biggest motivator in fighting the cancer and keeping you here.

My sister taught me this simple technique so many years ago. Everytime I have a thought I don't want to program, I imagine a big CANCEL sign in my mind. But another part of us wants to play it out and get to the part that we know we'll be okay however things turn out.

I LOVE this photo. and I love the way you are being honest with Liam. I was like that with my sons and so there was never a day when they had to learn any big news...they learned a little each day as they needed and asked to know. My honesty led to their own and has built an amazing sense of trust and support.


PS I'm going to use this photo as a focal point to send love and healing thoughts to you both. xo


Thank you for sharing that. I'm sure you've never fallen short of being a good mother. I love your spirit, optimism, and honesty. You've inspired me to think twice about my mothering. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.


TL - a beautiful post and a beautiful photo. And a very important reminder to all of us that we need to live ALL of the moments. I hugged my kids a bit tighter tonight and gave them extra kisses. They thank you too. :)



Terrilynn you are as inspiring as anyone I've ever known.


Lovely, sweet photo!

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