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I truly believe that healing begins in the mind, Terrilyn, so you are one-up already. Try visualizing the cancer being eaten-up by your own healing cells, bathed in a bright, white light and growing ever smaller.

I will do the same. Try to keep your spirits up. I know that will be easier said than done, but I do think it is important. Keep your chin up for Liam.


I've been thinking about you since Monday, Terrilynn, but found myself at a loss for words. I was so sorry to read about your diagnosis, and I'm glad to know that you're getting the full range of care, from medical to full-on woowoo. If you like Love, Medicine and Miracles, I'd also recommend Seigel's earlier book, Peace, Love and Healing.

Having an oncologist whom you trust, and who sees you as a partner in the process, makes a huge difference. I hope you will find those things in the doctor you're seeing tomorrow.

Sending you all the warm, woowoo vibes I can muster.


I hope you keep us updated as to how you are doing through all of this. And I hope you find your healing in all the places that healing is to be found. I can’t imagine what you might be going through, but over here in Saint Cloud, you have at least one person who is thinking about you. Take Care!


Best of luck to you....I believe the ocean is a healing place as well.

Lisa V

I hope the meeting went well. Thinking of you.


Alex's cancer was the aggressive kind. She had good luck with Immunotherapy treatment. It wasn't toxic like radiation. I guess, like you, I would be open to it all. I hope you like your doctor and feel a partnership. That's so important. Rose quartz is a stone for opening the heart. I used to work in Seeds of Light bead shop and knew lots about stones back then. And get thee to the ocean as much as you can! Smile even when you don't feel it. The body can't tell whether you mean it or not and it begins to send out good chemicals when you smile.


Wow, Terri-Lynn. Wow. I'll be pumping out all the loving energy I can towards your way. Keep on keepin' on, girl, you'll do this.


I was so glad to read that you'd made it back to the beach! I've been thinking of you and will continue to send good thoughts your way!

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