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wormwood's doxy

TL---he is so absolutely beautiful. The best of both you and S.

Happy Birthday, Liam! And congrats to your beautiful mama. The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree...


Happy Birthday Liam!


He's gorgeous, but how could he miss, with such a pretty mama! Give him a hug for me for his birthday, okay?


Happy birthday, Liam!! What a cutie.

And holy cow, woman. Aren't you just gorgeous??


Liam really is a good looking kid and he was a beautiful baby. I liked your newborn shots. Happy belated birthday Liam. Eight is such a fun age. You guys have alot of good times ahead.

Lisa V

Terrilyn, he looks just like you. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to Liam! He seems like such a great kid.
I agree with you... every stage of their growing up gets better. (I don't miss the diapers at all!) I like watching them become their own person.


So very precious! And I guess he really likes the Superman costume. Didn't I see him in one more recently? I love the last shot too...power to the boy!


Best birthday wishes to you both for health and happiness.


Happy Birthday!

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