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Yes, it does.

And you know what? I wish you would stake your claim in this space, making it yours. My own blog wouldn't exist if I didn't treat it like a journal. And it's become as vital to me in that sense as writing in my little cardboard notebooks used to be. Write for yourself. Write You. The rest of it doesn't/shouldn't matter...but know this: if you write for you, every day, the rest of it will come. I'll bet you a sand dollar on it.


It is a very good way to approach life and the blog. Jennifer is a past master at it, while I am more eclectic in my choice of subjects to post about and somewhat less informative about my daily life. I don't have time to read those links now, but I will be back.

wormwood's doxy

I am living proof that this advice is good, sweetie. I wish for you the peace and joy I've found by taking the road less traveled...


One of the things that I like most about your blog is your honesty. And the fact that nearly everything you say makes me realize that there's someone else who feels like me, even though our lives are very different. I struggle with my inner censor, too, and I can't tell you how much I have deleted from my blog, especially from the earliest entries, before I became less anonymous. I admire those who can let it all out in public - it takes courage. When I manage to squeak out a post about my angst and insecurities and start to hit delete, I remember that it is those people to whom I feel the closest connection, even if it is electronic!


and yet, you notice, rafts of smart, funny women show up at your blog.

Of course, I'd expect nothing less from my child's future mother-in-law.

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