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So, I love this post, okay? For a hundred gajillion reasons. Not the least of which is seeing evidence of you taking back yourself. Very proud of you, small steps and all.


I don't read my archives because it's the last internet-related time-sink into which I don't throw myself. It's the last shred of self-discipline I have left.

And if I succomb now, I'm blaming it all on you.

(Okay, I did read through last year's September and October posts, when I went looking for my pie picture a few weeks ago. And I was totally depressed, becuase it seems like I wrote better stuff then. Is it egotistical for me to admit that I think I wrote better last year? Does the implied fall from grace soften the egotism? Who knows.)

Our neighbors have a huge family-related gathering for the full moon celebration this weekend, too. It's an annual thing for them during this month's full moon. Is marking the October full moon a NC thing? Are there just more pagan-minded former-hippie people in this neck of the world? Because that would subvert the dominant paradign of understanding, wouldn't it. Now I'm curious.

Kudos on the new office and desk. Bummer on the panic button.

Loved this list!


I think the full moon celebration sounds fun.

I hope you do the photo hometown meme...your pictures are fantastic and your hometown rocks so you should have a great one!

I have to make up my bed when I get up too...or it drives me nuts.


Left to my own devices I stay up later and later too and have the same unspoken bathrobe and slippers rule (unless I'm sick). I do read my old posts in the same way I read my old journals. I like to review the record and remember threads.

I hope we get to hear more about the woo woo full moon.

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