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that sounds like a really fun summer to me :)


I've been to that aquarium years ago when I visted my Mom. My kids and I always enjoyed going there. That was back before they charged admission. And ferrys are always fun especially when you take bread and throw it up to the seagulls when they fly beside it. Great memories, thanks.

My list is up. Have a good one. Be Well...


We just had one tall ship come into our harbor and dock! Yesterday...I have a few pictures below my Thursday 13!

Drop by my T 13 and find 13 newly designed banners/headers for the taking!!!


Grand plans, every one. I especially like number thirteen. :-)


I love catching fireflies. My kids and I spend many nights outside trying to get those things. Brings back fond memories from my childhood.


A great list.


Lots of tourist traveling here today! by way of click.


Very good!!


Those all sound like great summer activities. Thanks for taking me on that little tour.


What a wonderful list! Sounds like you and Liam will have a great summer. I'll be doing our local equivalent of at least half of those this summer.

Some of my fondest summer memories of childhood are of lightning bugs - in our back yard, and over the field of daylilies behind my grandparent's summer cottage. The last time I saw fireflies was in Italy seven years ago; it's either too cold or too urban for them here in Seattle.


When my little sister lived in Wilmington, I drove down by myself to visit her, then rode along the coast to Myrtle Beach for a solo vacation. One of my favorite memories from that trip was sitting on the back of my truck, riding on the ferry, listening to Bob Marley on my portable CD player. The ferry is cool.

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