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I am with you on # 3,4,5 & 8!!

Lisa V

See I like salads. I just hate making them. And of course I add all sorts of bad stuff to them- blue cheese, nuts. It's like I have to take the healthy out of them.


I look on #4 as a good thing. Saves me money (not a lot, admittedly) on books. I can enjoy the same mystery several times because I always forget whodunnit.


The thing about the bopoks...I do that all the time.Drives me nuts.I get about half way in and realize I 've read it.Sucks.
#6 and 7,I could have written too.But,the rabbit in me loves a great salad.


A blessing.

I can't remember the titles or the authors half the time. But I love to read. I just feel so dumb when someone asks me what I am reading and I can't even remember who wrote it!


Maybe that's why my head is so stuffed up all the damn time. I seem to remember every word I've ever read.

Like an elephant.

Huge. Gray. Wrinkly...

Yeah, just like that, pretty much.


You gotta smother the salad with creamy good stuff! A few garden tomatoes wouldn't hurt.

I love hats and buy them all the time but hardly ever wear them because of the hat head and headache.

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