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Oy. Would a cyberhug help? {{ }}


I'm sorry you're going thru so much drama right now. I think SA & BR would make you sound human, as would sorrow and regret, but you need to do what YOU need to do for yourself. Be as selfish as you need to be, so you don't wind up dropping your basket too.

I'll add my hugs, too. {{{}}}

Lisa V

There is only so much empathy one person can have for crazy. I know dealing with my sister's mental illnesses and addictions felt like a full-time job. I am so sorry you are square in the middle of the storm.

Email some of us and vent.


I hope it all works out. I understand the dilemma you speak of....to write honestly but with discernment....a tricky balance to maintain. And crazy touches all our lives one way or another.


Does the fact that I have no discernible personal barriers to exposing myself online qualify me as crazy? If yes, please come take care of me. My crazy is a lot more fun, I promise. And I'll even be excessively generous in offering frequent smoke breaks.


I'll add a hug...{{}}. I hope you get some normalcy and balance back to your life soon. You have more patience than I, and more strength!


I'm sorry. I hope it works out, and I understand the impulse not to write. Keep us posted as you can.


I'm sorry you're suffering. I also have found that I can't use the blog to write about "real" things. Then I wonder whjy I have the blog anyway. What was the point of being "anonymous" if you still can't write what you're thinking and feeling??
I hope things get better for you and S. At least Liam's health is good. I always look for blessings where I can find them.

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