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How did I miss that your son has diabetes? All this time I've been reading your blog and I didn't know that....

I commented on the case on my blog, too. I get pretty incoherent with rage when I think about it for too long.


That is just too sad about little Ariel. My grandfather has been a diabetic for over 25 years. Even I know just by looking at him when his blood-sugar gets too high or too low. I even take food away from my grandfather. He doesn't take care of himself, but if I'm around, I'm not going to let him cheat. And he's a grown man! Sounds to me like this woman is guilty.


Such a tragic story from so many angles. Stuff like this just makes me wonder why.


What a sad story. That child did not have to die, and her mother should have some remorse and guilt for what she didn't do.


Ugh. You make a damn pursuasive case, and I hope there are right-thinking folks like you on the next jury.

Like you, I can't imagine a mother saying she feels no responsibility for her child's death. If any of my kids died for any reason, if they were driving in a car with someone else altogether, I would still feel guilty about the choices I made that brought them to that place. And in this case! Ugh.

I'm sorry that Liam and you have to go through Type-I diabetes. No one should have to. Hopefully someday, someday soon, they won't.


Did you ever consider that Cheryl Botzet's attorney advised her to say she is not responsibile, because any admission of guilt could be used against her in a future trial?


I read about the inhalable insulin and thought of you and Liam. I missed hearing about Ariels story; I just don't understand how people can be so irresponsible about the life of thier child.


If anyone would like to know more about Ariel Botzet contact me at specialprin118@yahoo.com I was engaged to her Father for 3 and a half years 2 and half before her death and 1 after.
Theres so much more to this story then the courts would allow. Not defending her Dad but we only seen Ariel 10 times maybe in 3 and a half years and never for longer then 3 or 4 hours at the most. Please contact me for any information anyone may have.

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