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Yay yay yay! I just love it when people listen to me...!

Lisa V

Oh Terrilynn, all I am listening to these days is NPR. Very sad, no ? I couldn't honestly name one current song, let alone seven.

wormwood's doxy

"You're Beautiful" by James Blunt---This one makes me cry, for reasons you will understand perfectly.

"Breathe" by Anna Nalick.

"Too Lost in You" by the Sugababes

"I Dare You" by LeAnn Rimes

"I'm Here Without You Baby" by 3 Doors Down

"You and Me" by Lifehouse

"Probably Wouldn't Be This Way" by LeAnn Rimes

Not hard to tell that somebody's got a heartache going on... ;-)


Hey you - I'm still here... but Betsy tagged me too. :) Sugarland... I really need to grab that album from iTunes, though I'm bummed to hear that Kristen Hall has left the group - I hope she actually keeps her solo career going 'cause I *miss* her... Fact and Fiction was a fabulous album that figures prominently in my life soundtrack.


1)"Shake it" by Eminem
2)"Don't Close your Eyes" by Keith Whitley(going wayyy back)
3)"You and Me" by Lifehouse
4)"You are Beautiful" by James Blount
5)"Check on it" by Beyonce
6)"What hurts the Most" Rascal Flatts
7)"Dirty Little Secret" by American Rejects


If I feed your ego by telling you that you are a strong and beautiful woman, will you let me off the hook from confessing all I'm listening to right now is James Taylor Live and Eminem?

Um, please? :-)


Ditto on Lisa V's comment - when I do on the rare occasion hear a song that I like I usually have 1) no idea of the title 2) no idea of the artist and 3) no idea if it is actually current. I am a music moron. But I can identify some classical and jazz.


Look! Eight comments! Eight! HA HA HA! I'll put this on my back burner for a blogger-block post.


That little Miranda Lambert has a great voice! I watched her with Buddy Jewel on the first Nashville Star. The only season I watched, but I am glad she is doing well. I had to go out and buy her cd.

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