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Your story is another reminder that it's an "all about me" kind of world, hurt feelings be dammned. I'm glad Liam had a good birthday in spite of it all.


Wow, I'm glad Liam was able to have a good time in the end. And what about that mom fishing for an invitation? Jeez! I think you were absolutely right to stand your ground on that one.

Happy Birthday, Liam. And a hug to you, Terrilynn, as you remember you father.


That makes me so angry for Liam!! Every parent who is paying the least bit of attention knows how important birthday parties are at this stage. I'd vote J and his jerk of a mother off the island too.

Thinking of you and your Daddy, sweetie. I have no doubt that there is both beach and scotch where he is. :-)


I agree with you,by his age he knows who he wants to spend time with and it wasn't that little boy.
I have friends that make plans with me and then never show.Drives me nuts.I think it is the rudest thing.


Bless your heart, honey. I would have been pissed beyond belief, and they would have known it, surely. Such a horrible way not only for them to behave, but to, by example, teach their kids to behave. And people wonder what's wrong with the world these days.

Happy Birthday, Liam. And to your lovely Grandpa, too.


Grrr indeed about those parents!!! A few kids showed up late to Lucas' party, too, and what amazes me even more are the parents who just dumped their kids (we were in a public facility and these people had never met me before) without so much as a "hi, I'm so-and-so's mom". Huh?? People are fucking nuts.

Anyway... Happy Birthday Liam!!!


Happy Birthday, Liam.

Wilder will be having a Star Wars party in ten days, and I hope his cake is half as tasty and attractive as Liam's. Also that everyone shows up. Grrrr indeed.

I was touched by your words about your father. I'm sorry that he's not hear to see Liam grow up.


Grrr - I, too, have dealt with plenty of fuckwad parents in the years I've tried to do birthday parties. No matter how I've tried to do it (RSVP, RSVP regrets-only), we've been left holding the bag.

One year, we invited everyone from his preschool class (8 or 9 kids at least) and only two showed up. I even checked with the teachers there to see if my kid was a pariah afterwards, or if there was some other reason why this would have happened. Sadly, they told me it was the norm.

It's one of the reasons I'm glad we're outgrowing the birthday party stage where you invite 'everyone' in the class or the group - this way, I can pick people I know will show up...

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