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Brownies have the capacity to make what is heart-wrenching a little bit less so; their therapeutic powers are underacknowledged by those who ought to add them to their arsenal...!


You are sounding hopeful again. Good.


Sending you warm hugs to go with those brownies!

Liam will be your sunshine, hold him and don't say anything at all. I've always found such a wave of relief when I just hold my girls for a while.



There's nothing like the smell of your baby's hair.

Unless it's your baby's getting freaked because they're too old to have their hair smelled. That rocks too.


I'm popping in by way of Michele's today. I'm not sure the background to this as I just started my reading here, but I am sure glad there's a spot of sunlight on you today. May it keep getting brighter.


This too does pass...We are so fragile and also so resilent.

I have a cloud photo today taken by my brother Jim...reminds me a little of the one you posted below.


Hugs sent your way....but brownies help too.

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