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We're big strawberry fans here too, but alas ours are frozen right now.

It was surprising and sad that Leanne quit the TT but it's been loads of fun, hasn't it?

Have a good day, and vent all you want!


Our weather's been really crazy -- we were up in the 50's and then down in the single digits and now the 40's again... in New England, if you can believe it! My 13 are up!


I know what you mean about the creamed potatoes. I waited too long to do the TT. I socked away little comments in Notepad all week for it, and now I see it's too late! Well, not too late, but I'm not going to bug her in the last week by asking to be added. I'm still gonna post it tonight.


Love hearing about Willimgton and strawberries! I've been musing on 13 things too.


I'm a die hard Steelers fan from the 70s when I was a kid, so I want them to win it all, but am really rooting for a Panthers/Steelers matchup. That would be awesome and at least then if the Steelers loose, we'll have SuperBowl champs right here at home.

Amy and the kids have a big strawberry picking tradition. It's their favorite thing to do in the Spring. The boys come home with stained faces and full bellies and then we get to eat strawberry shortcake, strawberry pie, strawberry cobler...


We had frost here this week,too.First time all season.


There's a big strawberry farm not too far from here, and it's on my list of things that I must do while living in the Triangle. Liam would love it, from the sounds of it. There are picking, and eating, and hayrides, and homemade strawberry ice cream...

Wanna go? :-)

P.S. Judging Amy is the best, best, best. Makes me cry every time, too, even if I've seen the episode in question a million times before.

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