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Stockings are the absolute best part of Christmas morning. We *all* get one. The husband learned very early on in our married life that his days would be so much more...pleasant...if he remembered this little factoid.

Bring on the longer days of sunlight, baby. Infinitesimal is better than nothing.

P.S. Very jealous I won't be there to toast you with champagne on the day.


Early Happy Birthday, just in case I don't get back to say it. Hope your birthday and Christmas are just great for you!


So you are a Christmas Eve baby? Sounds like Liam is getting quite a stocking. My mama used to do fun stockings for us too. Always a fun mix of necessity and fun stuff. I try to do that for my husband but my stocking stays empty. He doesn't get it.


Great stocking stuffers. We had a great mix in our stockings growing up too and do the same now. My wife and I play Santa for each other when it comes to the stockings. You are right, it is a fun part of the gift buying.
And I loved Harry growing up. Harry the Dirty Dog might be my alltime favorite from when I was a kid.


Man, now I feel like my kids need better stocking stuffers...

My Thirteen are up!


Wow! Thank you for that post. I am TERRIBLE at stocking stuffers. My mother always gave us toothbrushes and then oranges and other stupid big stuff to fill the stocking!! I'm taking your list with me to the store tomorrow. My "Liam" would love the whoopie cushion, slinky, Kids Next Door figure, paddle ball. The only cool thing I found was a bag of Bertie's Beans.
Have a great holiday and birthday celebration. Jagman's birthday was the 17th, and I always feel like he gets shortchanged so close to the holiday. But it sounds as if you have an appropriately extravagent celebration planned!
Happy champagne and red velvet cake.


I never liked the big orange or apple we got as stocking stuffer. With 9 kids, my parents had to make those things stretch.

And Happy Birthday, Terrilynn! Are you and your sister twins or is it just uncanny that you have the same birthday?


My champagne is chillin'. And I'm with you in spirit.

Hope you birthday is spectacular.


Happy birthday, Terrilynn! Here's to a very bright year for you and yours.


Stockings are the best part of Christmas. Hope yours is merry.


Happy belated birthday! Hope it was grand...


Happy holidays and happy birthday!

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