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I'm so happy you have a new kaleidescope too! Thanks for coming over, dude.


We had a winter thunderstorm on monday. It was really creepy!


Heh. I'd love to go look at Leanne's website, but the Net Nanny at work has classified it as Criminal Skills.

We had a thunderstorm on Monday, too. It's unnerving to have those when there's a foot of snow on the ground.


Thanks for coming by My 13. Happy birthday to you and to Liam, whenever his is.

Lily Bleu

My Thursday Thirteen: http://lilybleu.net/blog/?p=229

I would love it if my friends and family gave me framed photographs they took for Christmas. Of course them getting me things off my Amazon wishlist made me very happy too. :)


The old wives tale around here is that thunder and lightning in January mean snow within 9 days.


I am so sorry that I missed stopping by on your birthday. I wrote it down, too, with every intention of coming over. Happy belated Birthday, know that I was thinking of you on your special day!

I'm glad you had a good Christmas! You have some wonderful photography to share, it's the perfect gift indeed. :)


Glad Christmas went well and I hope Liam has an awesome birthday.


I think that it is so cool that we experienced the same thunderstorm!


Thunderstorms in the winter are always an event. Glad you were able to enjoy Christmas with your wonderful family. Happy New Year!! xo

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