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What a wonderful shot of a child at play. Boo hoo on the folks who complain: THIS is photography! Great choice for the card.

Lily Bleu

My Thursday Thirteen:



Your cards are great, I love that shot of him in the sand! He is such a little doll.

I hope you enjoy decorating your tree! You can have some of my snow if you want? I don't like the stuff much... ;)


Thanks for the link!
By the way, the Christmas card is fantastic--it should go in the dictionary under the definition of joy.


I really relate to #3. All year you wait and then when it comes it's so condensed into such a short time...and it's cold! and you're tired!

There are so many 13teeners now. I can't visit half of them...but I like to pick out a few I wanted to visit anyways.


We have no money this Christmas either. Kinda sucks but I am not letting it ruin my Christmas. Little Princess is so excited about the whole thing.

I did my 13 today too, drop by and say hi!


Hi... I'm cruising thru from Leanne's list of TT13. Sorry to hear about the van. I HATE car problems. They always cost a lot to solve.

OldOldLady Of The Hills

Thanks for the comment and I advice on the picture stuff...I'll have to check it out!
LOVE your card....Everytime I see this photo when I come tovisit I think it is seriously special!!! Great choice for Christmas....

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