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Yes, black friday and I get to take my daughter to the mall... oh joy!! Oh, and Michele sent me!


If there was a movie theater that wasn't near a mall, I'd be seeing Rent too. Hope you enjoy it.

Here via Michele's.


Hi, Michelle sent me.


I bought nothing today except a chicken sandwich and iced tea! Of course, I worked all day decorating a club for Christmas, so I didn't have time to shop even if I had wanted to. My daughter went to Sam's Club at 5:00 a.m. today to buy 1200 thread count sheets for $97. Can you believe it??!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills

What a sweet and warm post this is...I got such a feeling when you were decribing Sarah Vaughan playing softly...it sounded like you had a very relaxing day...I hope to see rent, too....and I did not buy one tyhing today! Hooray! I think it's very dear that your boy has been preparing his letter to Santa for a good month! I hope he gets everytning he wants!


Sounds like the perfect wind down from Thanksgiving, and a wonderful lead in to all that comes next. Makes me happy to hear you sounding very...what? Content? I hope so. And glad your turkey day was a good one.


Hey, I got no problem with movie, popcorn and Diet Coke! Sounds like a good idea to me! I'm very glad you enjoyed your day.

I think next year I'll promote Buy Nothing except from your local artist, farmer, restaurant, consignment shop or movie theater Day! I started seeing some conflicts between strictly observing Buy Nothing Day and my promotion of support your local community.


I don't do the crack of dawn shopping either.There is nothing that I need that bad.lol


I didn't even know it was called "black friday." I'm a little out of the loop but need to start getting with the Christmas program. Last year I saw the "city of lights" in St. Augustine. I wasn't blogging then.

We're talking about Woodstock at Loose Leaf. Michele sent me today.


My little sister lived in Wilmington for a few years and I loved visiting there. It's beautiful down there.

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