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You're on your bloggin A-game though!


I can sympathize with the lights in the eyes thing. My hubs always gets up earlier than I do and he just HAS to turn on all the lights. I pull the covers up over my head to block it out.


You said: S is not only awake and talking, he for reasons known only to him feels the need to turn on (and leave on) just about every freaking light in the house. So I wake up with the bathroom light and hall lights both shining in my eyes.

Man, my husband does this, too and it makes me want to put burning cinders in his jockey shorts. Only, y'know, I haven't had my coffee yet, so I'm incapable of functioning at that level.

Morning people bug the crap out of me.



I to live with a morning person and I feel you pain. What really drives me nuts is that no matter how many times you try explaining to a morning person to give you some space and to shut up they just don't get it. At the moment I have the luxury of hiding under the covers and pretending I'm still asleep until he's out of the house.


i wear my sunglasses at night..

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