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Wow big list you have a lot on your plate-I'm sending you good "it's going to be all be alright" vibes-sorry to hear about your liam's insurance problems-damn that's hard

My list is up this week too- Take care of yourself


You've got a lot of worries, but they'll all work out in one way or another. #9 made me laugh! I hope Liam wins the basket!

Here's my 13!


Hugs to you! I hate dealing with insurance. Two of my kids have had some serious medical run-ins, and it's just so hard to deal with a sick kid and a twisted insurance agency, too.

Here's my 13 http://jenanddavin.blogspot.com/ No rush, it sounds like you're having a day...

better safe than sorry

you're a november baby too, both of my daughters are november babies, lots of cake this month!
i think with your 13, you kind of have to let whatever is on your mind come out, doesn't have to be posititve, it's how you're feeling, everyone that comes over to visit is hear to read about you, and hopefully, by leaving a comment, will make you feel better if you're not having a great day. isn't that the idea behind this anyway. anyway, i'm playing this week too, but don't know how to leave my link


I'm so glad you came by yesterday, by way of Michele's because then I came here! What a lovely place you have, starting from your opening quote. I enjoyed reading your list. And do you mind if I poke around in your archives? This looks like a place I would like to visit regularly.


When is your birthday? I have a thing for scorpios...

The pop stand comment was priceless. You HAVE to say that - a few times ;-)


Good luck on the insurance mess. We're going through some of that too with my dad. And also the moving...I hope the way will reveal itself at some point.


Sorry about the Liam issues, I'll pray that they are resolved soon for ya.
And I concure about the Popcicle stand...that was just too funny. I hope you get to say it first.

here's my list http://lillyput.blogspot.com/


oh crud, it didn't save my comment.

I hope & pray that everything with Liam goes well for you.

Popcicle stand...priceless. I hope you get to say it first.

here's my 13


'K not really that dumb, it didn't post before. I swear it. ;o)


Wow. You have a lot going on right now. I hope you can work out the insurance thing. I understand your panic and frustration about that one. The job offer is a tough choice. I hope you have some calm moments ahead so you can make a good decision for you and Liam.

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