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Congrats to Liam on finishing kindergarten. My oldest finished K last week. She got the "most improved Girl" award.. The graduation ceremony was rained out during the middle fo their first song so it was cancelled. My daughter said"Well that was fun".. lolAnd indeed to her it was.

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a mind of his own and a sense of himself? clearly a throwback to distant ancestors.



Liam sounds like a pretty cool kid, not unlike my son Mason, who is definitely his own person, and is sure to remind me of this at every opportunity.

BTW, here via Ms. Michele.


Here via Michele's M&G....

My mom was my HS soccer coach and we always did wacky awards at the end of the season. She once gave me a "Plasma Award" with an old glass IV beaker (before they started using bags) because I had given blood earlier in the day and then passed out at practice.

Glad to hear the teachers put some thought and creativity into the ceremony.


Congrats on Kindergarten and congrats on the van. We don't know how we ever survived without ours!

Michele sent me. I'm glad she did: you have a great site!


Thanks for commenting; my daughter had a summer job at Hardees when she was 15; making biscuits and working the drive-through window. I had to drive her there at 5:30 am (when I was relly asleep at the wheel) but the service and the biscuits were really good!


Congrats to Liam!

Slip and Slide? I didn't realize they were still around, what fun!


What an incredible award for him to win. Seriously. Gotta love a kid who knows himself with confidence. I've got one just like him at home...only twelve years or so older. :-)


Well done Liam. What a good boy. I always struggle not to cry at these sorts of events - I feel such a flake. Glad it's not just me.


Congrats Liam!


Congrats to your new first grader! My oldest just graduated from K too!


What a nice idea that children should get singled out on one of their gifts rather than just winners and also rans. An encouraging start for school.

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