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I came via Michelle this time. I think you deserve to take a double dip, since I would have stopped by anyway. Actually, I found Michelle through you, because I was curious about all these M&G links.

Looks like a great camera, it's funny once you get a good digital camera going back to film seems like an incredibly cruel game.


A good camera makes so much difference. We bought a new one recently and it's a joy to use. Glad you are pleased with it. Lovely pin - what a talented boy.


Hi, Michele sent me.

I bought a Canon Powershot S1IS a couple months ago and it was a bit of a challenge to get used to it.

I think I've figured things out and now I'm really happy with it. I hope things go as well for you.

Thanks for the post!


I need a digital camera and I just can't seem to take the plunge. I am afraid of making a mistake, I guess, meantime I crawl along with my 35 mm. Thanks for the food comment; my grandma was a hell of a cook too, I just didn't mention her.


i'm over from Michele's now, but I stop in from time to time anyways!! I've got a Cannon too, but I almost never use it anymore since I got my Digital! It's just so much easier to work with Digitals, that I think i'm a total convert!!
I love the Mother's Day pin!!! Wear it with pride as I know you will !!!

Lucy Jane

Hey there, Michele sent me.

I'll be back!


What a beautiful, beautiful child! I love the look on his face...


Awwww...how sweet is that? I love (and save) all my homemade gifts. Happy Mama's Day!


The expression on Liam's face is wonderful!

I've been using a Canon PowerShot S30 for a couple of years now, and while I like the camera, I think it may be about time for more megapixels. While I rarely use it now, I still love the increased control that I get with my 35mm SLR... maybe there's a digital SLR in my (distant) future.


That's a cookbook that will be around for a good long time. I like that he drew you in an action pose. You most stay moving. Enjoy the rest of you Mother's day weekend.


aw, lamb, he looks so much like you

also he's enormous. but you knew that.


Must be serendipity that keeps us bumping into each other, you think?? Michele's to blame, again. :-)

Sounds like a positively glorious Mother's Day weekend. I hope the rest of the day goes exactly the same for you!


I love my Canon Powershot ( got it for xmas) and am sure that you'll be happy with it. Happy mom's day!


Happy Mother's Day!


Yay for good ebay experiences! Yay for cute little boys and triple bed head dos.
Hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend!

By the way, Michele sent me...


hi, michele sent me. LOVE the mother's day pin!! all my kids know quite a bit of ASL. you should check out the signing time videos, if you haven't already, they're really great! (signingtime.com) Like your blog! I'll be back!

Bluegrass Mama

I'm sure glad you translated "ses" because "snakes" is NOT what came to mind.

Have fun with the new camera!

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