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I love these poems! Thank you for stopping by via Michele. I always enjoy my visits to your blog. Always.


Hi from Michele's meet and greet today. Happy Poetry month. I admire the I am from poem. It's got lovely turns and images.


These are wonderful. Your sister and I are the same age, and her memories of being a child in the South in 'the summer bobby died' resonate deeply with me.


Great poems!

Michele sent me. :)


Both poems touched me, but the one about "the summer that bobby" died bought back so many memories of where I was in my life at that sad time. I have had a pleasant visit via Michele's M&G, nice to meet you.


A lot to those poems, thanks for sharing them. Hello, Michele sent me.


thanks so much for visiting! I love poetry, and wish I could write more of it! I'm afraid it would be too smartelicky if I did! ha ha... I think i'll just stick to my blog. Thanks for sharing!


oh, such good poems!!!
i'm here via michele, and i really like the quote you have at the top - that is so cute!!!

i hope you had a great weekend!


She writes beautiful poetry. I love the part about watcher at the gate...


empty nesting empty nester...barefoot crone slam dancing...It all seems to fit like an extension of my post today (about retiring) and the one for tomorrow (about age and dancing)that I just wrote. Your sister sounds great. I wish mine made me great CD mixes. It's been along time since I've even listened to music, what with having a live-in foster care resident with special needs. My brother Dan used to be the one to keep me up with the music scene...sadly, passed away a few years ago. Oh how deep the blood bonds go!


PS just read the second one! RIGHT ON!


Lovely words in that poem. Very lovely reading.


Thanks for sharing your sister's poems. They are very different from one another. The first poem is very clever and really needs to be read out loud. But I think that "the summer bobby died" is incredible. I'm much younger and from the north, but I still identified with it.


Awesome poems. Thanks for sharing :) Thanks for stopping by via Michele.

Ellen Britt

I never cared much for poems either, that is until lately. Last year, I lost a dear friend and a wonderfully talented poet, Bonnie St. Andrews. She opened my eyes to the medium. Thank you for the opportunity to read these poems...they are lovely.


beautiful poems. I wish I took more time to read and savor poetry. My favorite poet of all is Maya Angelou.

Thanks for visiting me via Michele, I am glad I got to visit your lovely blog and share such wonderful poetry.


I definitely love that first poem! Thanks for sharing. :o)


Very cool poems. Thanks. What a nice morning treat. Billy Collins is one of my fave's also. Went to a reading of his last month (my first poetry reading so I was kind of wary), and he was great, it was great, the whole thing was great. He was really funny actually, which wasn't what I expected. If anyone has the chance--go see him. Take care.

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