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Wormwood's Doxy

I'm thinking of you and your Daddy today. Bless you both.


Thinking of you.


I'm sorry you are sad today.Hugs.


there's Liam, though, who gets to carry a piece of your daddy around the world until no-one can quite believe he's seventy.

that's pretty cool.


TL, I'm sorry for your loss and I know what you're feeling. My dad died about 6 weeks after Nathan was born and I still struggle with that deep sadness that my children will never know him. While all markers of time passing can be difficult, I think birthdays are one of the hardest. *hugs* to you


One of my favorite posts -- a tender, eloquent post. Thanks.

Erin Monahan

Beautiful, I'm glad you took this week's tavern as an opportunity to share it again.


This really brought back a lot of memories of my own daddy. Thank you.

Ron Hudson

Hey Terri-Lynn,

Last week, I was drifting off to sleep one night and clearly, distinctly and without question heard my dad call my name. There was no negativity, no fear, but it jolted me awake. I was amazed that somewhere inside my head, his voice is still there, waiting to make itself heard, or that he is still coming around to call for me from time to time. It was a sweet moment. I hope you have many sweet memories of your dad to revisit with time.


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