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I will absolutely be keeping you in my thoughts on Friday. I hope it all goes uneventfully. {{{hugs}}} and you wouldn't be normal if you weren't scared.


Freaking out is completely normal in the situation you're in. Thoughts, prayers and all the positive, healing woo-woo energy I can muster coming your way now and on Friday.

Sea & Sky

Feeling anxious and scared is perfectly normal... and you mustn't deny yourself those very natural feelings. But it is very evident that you feel so much more hopeful than you feel scared. And that's just wonderful.

I hope with all my heart that it goes very well... and a lazy sunny day at the beach playing with Liam won't be far away.

Take care, and all the very best :)

Jane Plane

My thoughts are winging their way already, in regular and frequent shifts. Peace, peace, peace.


I'm almost glad to see you freaking out a little bit -- it would be weird, seriously, not to. What you are feeling is nothing to apologize for. Take deep breaths. Here's holding your hand across the internet.


Good luck! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Sent you my email before I saw this update - I knew there was a reason you'd been on my mind of late!

Will be thinking of you tomorrow, and all the days to follow...


TL, I have been thinking of you all week and, especially, today. I am sending my warmest thoughts and most sincere prayers. Be well, my friend. Much love to you and L. Kirsten


Thinking of you today, as I have every day since Jan. 1. I can see you healing right now.


I'm sending good recovery thoughts your way, my friend.


You are in my thoughts and prayers, tl.


Sending love and green healing mountain energy!


TL, I hope everything went fine. Get to work on growing that Healthy! New! Liver! and let us at BW know how you are doing as soon as you feel up to it.


Terrilynn, I've been thinking about you and I hope all went well on Friday. I'm sending healing energy your way.


I wish TL's sister would come update us! Hope all is well with you, love!


Two weeks today since your surgery; I'm visualizing lots of healthy new liver cells!


If anyone knows how Terrilynn is, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!


TL's sister here - the last I heard from Mom, TL's insides were beginning to wake up and do their thing - which is great but painful. The drs were very pleased that she had no bleeding after the surgery and TL was very pleased they were able to reverse the colostomy. So she essentially had 2 major surgeries in one day....as soon as the drs are satisfied that everything is working together she'll be released - in the meantime - room 4719 - NC Memorial Hosp - Chapel Hill. And many thanks for your love and prayers.


Thanks for the update, Tracy. I was starting to get concerned, too. I'm glad to hear she's doing well.

Jane Plane

I'm so glad I checked the comments today! Thanks, Tracy, for letting us know how TL is doing.


SHE'S HOME - yayayayay....

Lisa V

Excellent news! Thanks for the update.
We are thinking of of you Terrilyn!


I miss you. I hope you are feeling okay and are happy to be home. Supposed to be a nice sunshiny weekend. Will you be able to get your toes in the sand for part of it?


I'm thinking of you, tl and you and Liam are in my prayers.


I am so lighting a candle in your honor at Watauga County's Relay for Life. Rock on. Can't wait to hear from you.

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