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That's good news, Terrilynn. Keep us posted on your progress.


Good luck, Terrilynn.


I'm glad to see that you've got a place to talk about this stuff, and gladder still that I can keep up with developments.

I'll be here, listening...


I'll be here as well.

cj griffin

After what you've been through, you deserve a prosperous, joyous year full of working vehicles, health and happiness for you and Liam, and many trips to the beach. I wish you all that and more.




You go, girlfriend. I just looked in my crystal ball and it looks good!


That is such good news, I'm so glad you have such a wonderful caring doctor.



I love you two so much.

Lisa V

Excellent news from the doctor.

On the upside- I'll bet you fit into those "skinny" jeans that make the rest of us look foolish right now. I hope you buy a pair and then outgrow them in a week, because your appetite returns. :)

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