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I am the SAME way about those dang books. I mean really, how do you say no when your child WANTS to read? LOL

I hate the cold, too. :P

Have a good day!


I just worked the bookfair on Tuesday. After 4 hours I ended up spending over $100 but I did get some Christmas shopping done. I am a sucker for books.


I am totally with you on #10!! :) I don't do excercizing LOL


Getting someone else to take them to birthday parties? Priceless.

We have a one book rule for the book fair. I just bought the entire Narnia series for my son though. Maybe he won't ask for any more books...

My 13.


Here's my list:



Oh man, I am the same way with books. Luckily I've found a good source for inexpensive but sturdy bookshelves.

I also don't do "early." I may be capable of getting somewhere, but no one's going to want me and my attitude...

Here's my 13! http://jenanddavin.blogspot.com/ I'll run and link to you! :-)


I'm thrilled when Lima Bean wants books, too. And I don't mind spending that money at all.


Loved #5 and 10. So true!


I remember Scholastic Book Fairs! When I worked at one, I'd spend way too much money too.

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