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Hello, Michele sent me!

I listened to much of the same music when my oldest was a baby. The first time I drove the 90 minutes to take him to my parents' house, we listened to track 4 on Celtic Lullaby for the entire drive.

Before he was born, I listened to Neil Young's "silver and Gold" album and still sing those songs to my kids!

I enjoyed reading you today!


I love so much reading you!


Beautifully written. Music is such an important part of our lives, too...and I thrill in watching that same love develop in my kids.
Our version of your dance with the baby to Beatles is "These are the Days" by Natalie Merchant. My kids still sing along, word for word, every time we blast it. When they were younger, they'd dance with me...now, they just sing. Either way, it's become a part of them. And that makes me happy.


What a gorgeous gift to give to your son and one that will outlast all the objects we put all our money into...

Michele sent me,



I tried to play classical music for my kids in utero. When they were first home, at about 7 wks old, I was suffering from PPD and unable to figure out why they were screaming/what they wanted. In desperation, I threw on the same classical CD I'd played for them so many times before they were born; they went right to sleep. A few months ago, I was with them in the car (they are over 1 year old now), and I got tired of listening to "Dora"...I slapped on a Tori Amos CD, the same one I'd played constantly in the car while pregnant. They fell asleep. The power of music indeed. Here via Michele today.


My Sweetie heard "You Are My Sunshine", she recognized it as a baby.

Her favorite song as a toddler was on the Kit Kat commercial. She would stop what ever she was doing to sway back and forth, attempting to snap her fingers to "Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar"

Here from my comments.


Wonderful post! Each of my kids developed their own likes and dislikes early on. My youngest (almost two) won't settle down to sleep with anything except Merle Haggard. The other kids hate it, but it works!

Here via Michele.


You made me smile this morning. I enjoyed your post immensely.

Billy The Blogging Poet

Here via the Tarheel Tavern. I enjoyed it. Thanks.


Lovely, lovely post. My older son was a musical baby, and this brought back so many memories for me. Liam sounds like such a cool kiddo.

D double E

Fantastic post. When Jake was 1, he listened to a steady diet of patriotic tunes (he was 1 after 9/11), which led him to Barenaked Ladies, Springsteen, the Beatles. Now at 5, he falls asleep to teen angst of John Mayer. As many times as I have tried to dissuade him from "Heavier Things," he can't stop listening.

He also used to play the guitar all the time. It was literally his security blanket. Now the guitar is dusty and the kid wont put down his baseball mitt. While most dads would be praise the Lord for that, something about it makes me sad.

I miss his concerts.


Thank you for this sweet, evocative, beautifully written post.

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